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A UPS - or uninterruptible power supply - is a piece of electrical equipment that provides essential emergency backup power to a building or other load source when the incoming power supply or mains power fails. Every city in the world is susceptible to power outage, and many businesses and organisations have an imperative reliance on their electricity supply to ensure their critical equipment and technologies remain in constant 24 hour operation. Hospitals, banks, computer server centres, data holding facilities, military operations and defense head quarters are just a few examples of customers who cannot afford for their electricity supply to be compromised.

Cover While Your Generator Engages

The sometimes little known fact that a stand-by generator can take up to three minutes to engage, synchronise frequency and switch to primary power source can have severe consequences! This is where the UPS comes into service. Its primary purpose is to provide full incoming power to the building or load source in less than 1/10th of a second and remain in use until the stand-by emergency generator takes lead as the primary power supply. The UPS is in essence a battery or bank of batteries - also known as super-capacitors - with incredibly high capacities that can sustain a supply of power long enough for critical equipment to either safely shut down or switch to an auxiliary resource until the generator is in full operation.

A UPS can prove vital in protecting electrical equipment where there is an unexpected power outage that could lead to serious business disruption, the loss of important data or even cause injury. These units range in size from small banks designed to protect a single computer, to large units powering an entire data center or building.

UPS Monitoring and Service Support

The service, maintenance and remote monitoring of these devices is essential in safeguarding your building's critical equipment. Powertec UPS is a division solely dedicated to ensuring your equipment is kept online and in an optimal service condition 365 days a year. This is achieved by using system monitoring equipment, interfaced with a server. Remote monitoring allows us to see the on-line operational and stand-by status of your equipment 24 hours a day. In essence, this system allows us to be aware of any faults, warnings or failures before you are!

We provide:

  • Engineers and technicians with over 30 years' experience in the field, and a technical department on hand to assist you with any questions you have.
  • 24/7/365 Call-Out facility, ensuring there's an engineer available day or night.
  • Service contracts designed to suit your exact requirements, with work carried out any time of day. We offer highly competitive packages to suit most maintenance budgets, including multi-year contracts - incorporating your stand-by generators if required - to assist you in planning your maintenance expenditure over the forthcoming two, three or five years.
  • Supply of UPS equipment and component parts from leading industry OEM's. We have retail agreements with many Original Equipment Manufacturers, allowing us to offer a vast range of quality products at highly competitive prices.
  • Technical sales managers on hand now who would be delighted to talk with you to discuss our many service options available.

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