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Service Contracts

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Having to spend money on Service or Maintenance is seldom a welcome expense, but planned preventive maintenance (PPM) saves money in the longrun by prolonging the equipment's efficient working life, reducing overall operating costs considerably. What price do you put on complete equipment failure, loss of production and inconvenience to clients?

Reliability & Efficiency through Preventive Care

The reliability of high flow pumps to work efficiently and without fail, whether for fire sprinkler systems, flood control or general movement of clean or dirty water, hinges on regular maintenance and preventive care. We specialise in Service Maintenance Contracts, maintaining clients' rotating equipment throughout the UK, with an innovative approach that keeps costs down through efficiency and delivery of the service.

We are market leaders in offering fully inclusive pump care contracts, subject to operating criteria, and tailor each contract to suit both the operational and budgetary requirements of the client. For more details please contact us, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a bespoke service contract that covers your needs while keeping costs in check.

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