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Machining & Fabrication

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Powertec's Industrial Engineering and Fabrication division provides comprehensive engineering services for industrial plants, from initial concept through to the design, material selection, component analysis, integrity evaluation and process suitability. We undetake the manufacture of steel structures, frame work, modular capsules, base plates and plinths. We can supply bespoke bracketing and supporting sub frames, bespoke bulkheads, machine or component stands, and industrial machine modifications.

Our service extends through to the design and realisation of entire plant rooms and larger multi-phase site installations applicable to the Mechanical & Electrical, Power & Generation, Fire Protection, Fluid Solutions, Marine or Petro-Chemical industries. Our engineers, fabricators, welders and machine operators are true experts in their respective fields, some with over 35 years experience.

A few examples of our work capability include:

  • Metal framing: steel structures, pipe racks, ladders, platforms and supporting structures
  • Inert materials treatment plant, recycling plants: conveyer belts, vibration ducts, vibration screens, loading hoppers and screw conveyors
  • Oil and gas, water treatment and chemical plants
  • Energy production plants and heat recovery systems

Thanks to a decade of operating in the market, and the level of experience our personnel carry with them in the field, Powertec has achieved a superior technical and practical understanding of product engineering and industrialisation for many 'high technology products', such as hot water and steam boilers, solar panels, heat exchangers, cogeneration machines, crushers, industrial automation machines and self-propelled machines for crushing and sifting.

Structural Analysis

Powertec's structural engineer operates across all divisions of our organisation and is capable of providing structural calculations, verification of stability and resistance to fatigue, FEM structural, fluid dynamic analysis and telemetry. All information is provided in accordance with the most important international codes (ISO, EN, ASME, BS etc.).

Fields of application include:

  • Steel Structures for Civil and Industrial Equipment Applications
  • Structures for Material Transfer and Fluid Transfer
  • Material Integrity - Raw and Processed
  • Selection of Raw Material for Manufacturing Bespoke Components
  • Stress and Load Bearing  - Steel and Composite Materials
  • Pipe Racking - Steel or Mixed Material Structures
  • Marine - Machined Core Component and Structures

CNC and Manual Machining

We have our own CNC turning and milling machines for the production of machine components, and also offer conventional milling and turning. Machines are set and operated by our highly skilled engineers who can boast over 35 years of industry related experience.

Steel Fabrication

Sawing, shearing, punching, forming and folding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate, section, tube and bar to almost any given design standard or requirement.

Coded Welding

MIG, TIG and ARC welding carried out by approved coded welders, experienced in joining mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum from 4mm to 40mm. Whether pipe work, plate work or sheet metal work, Powertec has the equipment and experienced engineers to meet any of your welding requirements.

Blast Cleaning and Spray Finishing

A service providing a "makeover" of your existing equipment or parts where replacement is not the necessary course of action! We can have your valued piece of equipment or component fully dismantled, blast cleaned, treated, integrity tested and then powder coated, anodised or wet spray treated, offering surface protection, before final reassembly and return. Our in-house facility allows us to offer you fast turnaround, and we personally collect your equipment and deliver it right to your door, avoiding the chance of damage by a mainstream courier that doesn't understand the word "fragile"!

Turnkey Solutions

We pride ourselves on being a solutions company. We have an abundance of installation, service, maintenance and commissioning engineers all over the UK, and recognising the need for hugely experienced senior engineers and design 'problem solvers', we recruited the services of just such personnel. Together, we have a team capable of delivering customer solutions no matter how complex or problematic the design or systems component requirements may be.

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