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Projects & Installations


Powertec provide co-ordinated contract management for turnkey projects and Mechanical and Electrical installations. We oversee efficient progress throughout the duration of your project, ensuring target completion dates are met. From initial site survey and removal of existing equipment, through to the supply, installation and final commissioning, our years of experience and renowned attention to detail will guarantee the smoothest possible operation.

Our dedicated Project and Installations division boasts a wealth of highly skilled engineers and project managers. Installation and commissioning of our products is always carried out with the highest level of professionalism and to strict standards. All works completed are issued with a completion and/or commissioning certificate for our client's records, with copies being held on our central archive database.

Each project is assigned its own Health and Safety co-ordinator to ensure compliance and the safety of our engineers or other personnel at all times. Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Method Statements - prepared in advance of the project start date - are strictly adhered to.

Dedicated Site Supervision from Start to Finish

Site supervision is of vital importance to the smooth operation of your project. Powertec provide a dedicated on-site supervisor from start to finish, ensuring that the quality of our work and the program of works schedule is never compromised. We have a very methodical approach to problem solving for those unforeseen eventualities that occasionally arise - this is where the years of experience our engineers carry with them becomes an invaluable asset to the project.

Each project follows a strict and necessary series of procedures outlining the responsibilities of each respective team at every phase. A program of works schedule is composed for ease of project co-ordination, and each phase of works is independently managed and completed in accordance with the program.  The implementation of this program also ensures that:

  • Project activities are planned and carried out in accordance with the pre-agreed statement, to an effective and efficient manner.
  • The control mode of the project is identified and remains accurately managed.
  • All the required information is recorded intermittently for input on to our client's monitoring and progress report file. This ensures our clients are fully aware of the progression of each stage of the work.
  • The required checks, inspections and reviews are carried out on time and in accordance with the program

Equipment validation and all the required commissioning is performed at the end of the project, with the relevant supporting documentation being signed and handed over to our client.

Fully Comprehensive Turnkey Service

Powertec's Project and Installations division operate a turnkey service consisting of a fully comprehensive package covering survey and consulting, estimated environmental and product compatibility analysis, project and operations feasibility studies, and work planning. This will then proceed to plant and equipment installation, operational testing, commissioning and the supply of all applicable technical documentation for client records.

Packages, including full turnkey schemes, complete pumping stations and M&E projects, may involve much or all of the following equipment and related services:

  • Pumps
  • Pipe Work
  • Valves
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Ventilation
  • Control Panels
  • Alarm & Signaling Panels
  • Electrical Installations
  • Diesel Engines
  • Diesel Generators
  • Civil Works

Our Projects team is available now to speak with you and discuss ways in which Powertec can help with your fourthcoming projects. Why not call us today on 0118 940 9970. We will be happy to help!

Remote Equipment Monitoring


All equipment should be monitored for activity and faults, whether they are regulary serviced or not, as early intervention on any fault can save equipment from irreparable damage. Being alerted of a developing issue before it becomes critical can also save considerable consequential damage and related cost.

System Monitoring for Manned or Remote Locations

We can provide monitoring systems for pumps and generators, whether this is a single panel at a manned location, or unmanned remote pumping station. We provide systems to suit customers' specific needs, and our systems can provide different alert options, from a buzzer alarm to notification via a text message or email.

Whatever your Pump or Generator Systems Monitoring requirement, on-site or remote location, Powertec is very confident we can help. Call us today on 0118 9409 970.

Electrical Services

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Powertec Electrical is proud to be a true expert in industrial and commercial electrical solutions, offering equipment supply, installation, testing, inspection, conformity, thermal imaging, portable appliance testing and fixed wire installation testing. We have a wealth of highly skilled electricians and technicians with many years of experience, each sharing the company's passion for exhibiting excellence.

We take on projects large or small, with an unmatched quality of service and customer focus whatever the project's size, and offer only quality products from leading component manufacturers - this approach ensures design solutions tailored to suit almost any industrial or commercial electrical requirement across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Some of the expert electrical services we offer:

  • Design, installation and commissioning
  • Three Phase Supply and installation
  • Trunking, cable tray, conduit and wiring loom installations
  • Emergency lighting supply, design and installation
  • Thermal imaging and fixed wire installation testing
  • Planned and Reactive Maintenance and equipment servicing
  • Remote equipment monitoring using telematics
  • Fire alarm and remote alarm system supply and installation
  • Control panel supply and installation

Equipment Supply

Powertec has retail agreements in place with many leading industry equipment suppliers and our annual procurement is vast, meaning we're able to secure very competitive pricing. This allows us to pass on some of the benefit of our bulk purchase savings to customers, making us very well placed to match your budgetary constraints without compromising quality and reliability.

UK-wide 24/7/365 Call-Out

We have electrical field engineers and technical managers strategically placed throughout the UK and operate a 24/7/365 emergency call-out facility with 4 hour response time. Our engineers carry an assortment of components as van stock, offering the best chance of a fast fault rectification.

Where fault rectification was not possible during the call-out visit due to major component failure, our highly efficient remedial quotation team will provide a quotation the following day for the supply of any replacement parts required, minimising the downtime of your failed equipment.

Call us today. Our friendly, expert electrical team is available to offer you the assistance you require, so call us today on 0118 940 9970. Our team is ready to take your call.

Machining & Fabrication

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Powertec's Industrial Engineering and Fabrication division provides comprehensive engineering services for industrial plants, from initial concept through to the design, material selection, component analysis, integrity evaluation and process suitability. We undetake the manufacture of steel structures, frame work, modular capsules, base plates and plinths. We can supply bespoke bracketing and supporting sub frames, bespoke bulkheads, machine or component stands, and industrial machine modifications.

Our service extends through to the design and realisation of entire plant rooms and larger multi-phase site installations applicable to the Mechanical & Electrical, Power & Generation, Fire Protection, Fluid Solutions, Marine or Petro-Chemical industries. Our engineers, fabricators, welders and machine operators are true experts in their respective fields, some with over 35 years experience.

A few examples of our work capability include:

  • Metal framing: steel structures, pipe racks, ladders, platforms and supporting structures
  • Inert materials treatment plant, recycling plants: conveyer belts, vibration ducts, vibration screens, loading hoppers and screw conveyors
  • Oil and gas, water treatment and chemical plants
  • Energy production plants and heat recovery systems

Thanks to a decade of operating in the market, and the level of experience our personnel carry with them in the field, Powertec has achieved a superior technical and practical understanding of product engineering and industrialisation for many 'high technology products', such as hot water and steam boilers, solar panels, heat exchangers, cogeneration machines, crushers, industrial automation machines and self-propelled machines for crushing and sifting.

Structural Analysis

Powertec's structural engineer operates across all divisions of our organisation and is capable of providing structural calculations, verification of stability and resistance to fatigue, FEM structural, fluid dynamic analysis and telemetry. All information is provided in accordance with the most important international codes (ISO, EN, ASME, BS etc.).

Fields of application include:

  • Steel Structures for Civil and Industrial Equipment Applications
  • Structures for Material Transfer and Fluid Transfer
  • Material Integrity - Raw and Processed
  • Selection of Raw Material for Manufacturing Bespoke Components
  • Stress and Load Bearing  - Steel and Composite Materials
  • Pipe Racking - Steel or Mixed Material Structures
  • Marine - Machined Core Component and Structures

CNC and Manual Machining

We have our own CNC turning and milling machines for the production of machine components, and also offer conventional milling and turning. Machines are set and operated by our highly skilled engineers who can boast over 35 years of industry related experience.

Steel Fabrication

Sawing, shearing, punching, forming and folding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate, section, tube and bar to almost any given design standard or requirement.

Coded Welding

MIG, TIG and ARC welding carried out by approved coded welders, experienced in joining mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum from 4mm to 40mm. Whether pipe work, plate work or sheet metal work, Powertec has the equipment and experienced engineers to meet any of your welding requirements.

Blast Cleaning and Spray Finishing

A service providing a "makeover" of your existing equipment or parts where replacement is not the necessary course of action! We can have your valued piece of equipment or component fully dismantled, blast cleaned, treated, integrity tested and then powder coated, anodised or wet spray treated, offering surface protection, before final reassembly and return. Our in-house facility allows us to offer you fast turnaround, and we personally collect your equipment and deliver it right to your door, avoiding the chance of damage by a mainstream courier that doesn't understand the word "fragile"!

Turnkey Solutions

We pride ourselves on being a solutions company. We have an abundance of installation, service, maintenance and commissioning engineers all over the UK, and recognising the need for hugely experienced senior engineers and design 'problem solvers', we recruited the services of just such personnel. Together, we have a team capable of delivering customer solutions no matter how complex or problematic the design or systems component requirements may be.

Get in Touch Today. Whatever your Industrial Engineering requirement, Powertec is confident we can deliver the ideal solution. Why not call us today on 0118 9409 970, we are here to help.

Diesel Engines

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Powertec are able to offer complete industrial and marine diesel engine service, maintenance, repair, re-manufacture, installation and commissioning on engines in almost any application. We have a team of engine professionals with many combined years of experience working with diesels from almost every OEM in the market today, ranging from single cylinder units up to extremely large and very powerful V16 supercharged engines.

Approved and Accredited with the FER

All diesel engine works are carried out in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art engine re-manufacture facility, fully accredited with the Federation of Engine Re-manufacturers. All work conforms to the current and required BS/EN standards.

We also have many fully skilled field diesel engineers and technicians on hand, covering 97% of the United Kingdom for service, maintenance, repair, component replacement, testing and inspecting. Site collection and transportation back to the workshop facility can be arranged if required.

Supporting a Wide Variety of Applications including Marine

The engines we typically serve are used in a wide variety of applications, such as fire pump drivers, mobile pumps, generators, plant engines, high pressure washers, industrial rotating power drives and agricultural machinery.

We also have marine expertise for vessels equipped with diesel engines and diesel generators, supported by our retail agreements with the leading manufacturers for replacement parts and service materials.

Our high level of support in this field covers, but is certainly not limited to, engines manufactured by the following OEM's:
Cummins, Fiat, Volvo Penta
Perkins, Lister, Deutz, Hatz
Ford, Bedford, Doorman
Doosan, Isuzu, Yanmar
CAT, Detroit, MTC, John Deere

Diesel Engine Services You Can Rely On

With our years of experience, modern equipment, national coverage, comprehensive service packages and competitive prices, it's no wonder so many customers rely on us as their dedicated diesel services provider.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable customer services team on hand right now, ready to take your enquiry, so why not call us now to discuss ways in which Powertec can assist your business, on 0118 940 9970. Our team will be happy to assist you in any way they can!


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A UPS - or uninterruptible power supply - is a piece of electrical equipment that provides essential emergency backup power to a building or other load source when the incoming power supply or mains power fails. Every city in the world is susceptible to power outage, and many businesses and organisations have an imperative reliance on their electricity supply to ensure their critical equipment and technologies remain in constant 24 hour operation. Hospitals, banks, computer server centres, data holding facilities, military operations and defense head quarters are just a few examples of customers who cannot afford for their electricity supply to be compromised.

Cover While Your Generator Engages

The sometimes little known fact that a stand-by generator can take up to three minutes to engage, synchronise frequency and switch to primary power source can have severe consequences! This is where the UPS comes into service. Its primary purpose is to provide full incoming power to the building or load source in less than 1/10th of a second and remain in use until the stand-by emergency generator takes lead as the primary power supply. The UPS is in essence a battery or bank of batteries - also known as super-capacitors - with incredibly high capacities that can sustain a supply of power long enough for critical equipment to either safely shut down or switch to an auxiliary resource until the generator is in full operation.

A UPS can prove vital in protecting electrical equipment where there is an unexpected power outage that could lead to serious business disruption, the loss of important data or even cause injury. These units range in size from small banks designed to protect a single computer, to large units powering an entire data center or building.

UPS Monitoring and Service Support

The service, maintenance and remote monitoring of these devices is essential in safeguarding your building's critical equipment. Powertec UPS is a division solely dedicated to ensuring your equipment is kept online and in an optimal service condition 365 days a year. This is achieved by using system monitoring equipment, interfaced with a server. Remote monitoring allows us to see the on-line operational and stand-by status of your equipment 24 hours a day. In essence, this system allows us to be aware of any faults, warnings or failures before you are!

We provide:

  • Engineers and technicians with over 30 years' experience in the field, and a technical department on hand to assist you with any questions you have.
  • 24/7/365 Call-Out facility, ensuring there's an engineer available day or night.
  • Service contracts designed to suit your exact requirements, with work carried out any time of day. We offer highly competitive packages to suit most maintenance budgets, including multi-year contracts - incorporating your stand-by generators if required - to assist you in planning your maintenance expenditure over the forthcoming two, three or five years.
  • Supply of UPS equipment and component parts from leading industry OEM's. We have retail agreements with many Original Equipment Manufacturers, allowing us to offer a vast range of quality products at highly competitive prices.
  • Technical sales managers on hand now who would be delighted to talk with you to discuss our many service options available.

Get in Touch Today. Find out more about our uninterruptible power supply which can provide essential emergency backup power to your system. Why not call us today on 0118 9409 970, we are here to help.

Service Contracts

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Having to spend money on Service or Maintenance is seldom a welcome expense, but planned preventive maintenance (PPM) saves money in the longrun by prolonging the equipment's efficient working life, reducing overall operating costs considerably. What price do you put on complete equipment failure, loss of production and inconvenience to clients?

Reliability & Efficiency through Preventive Care

The reliability of high flow pumps to work efficiently and without fail, whether for fire sprinkler systems, flood control or general movement of clean or dirty water, hinges on regular maintenance and preventive care. We specialise in Service Maintenance Contracts, maintaining clients' rotating equipment throughout the UK, with an innovative approach that keeps costs down through efficiency and delivery of the service.

We are market leaders in offering fully inclusive pump care contracts, subject to operating criteria, and tailor each contract to suit both the operational and budgetary requirements of the client. For more details please contact us, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a bespoke service contract that covers your needs while keeping costs in check.

Get in Touch Today. Start saving on your current Service or Maintenance costs with Powertec's Service Contracts. Why not call us today on 0118 9409 970, we are here to help - and save you money in the long-run!

24-7/365 Call out Facility

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It's 8.30pm and a fault condition appears that will put your premises at risk overnight if not handled quickly and expertly. Making a phone call 'first thing' just isn't an option - you need experienced professional engineers to help, and you need it 10 minutes ago!

Whether you rely on pumps for fire protection linked to a sprinkler system, flood protection linked to a water level detector, or any number of 24/7 clean and dirty water pumping tasks, having a reliable Emergency Callout Service at your finger tips can prove vital. Our service and maintenance schedules are available 24 hours a day as required because we understand that out of hours equipment servicing is sometimes vital.

As well as pumps, our expertise with generators allows us to provide an emergency callout service ready to tackle most situations we're faced with and get your systems back up.

We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year throughout the UK, providing a manned response team to first answer your call with technical assistance and then to assess and advise on the availability of mobile engineers. Our experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge with all makes and models of equipment in service today and carry service materials, minor system components and ancillaries everywhere they go as van stock.

We've averted many potentially catastrophic incidences by reacting quickly and having a rapid response team on-site fast, working overnight where necessary to get all systems up and running and the protection system secure - you can rely on Powertec not to let you down when you most need us.

Contact Powertec Today. Learn more about our 24/7/365 callout service and how you'll be in safe hands with us. Why not call us today on 0118 9409 970, we are here to help.


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Emergency generator servicing with 24/7/365 Call-Out cover.
Generator sales, hire, repair and remanufacture.
Inspection and testing services.

Powertec has a team of highly experienced diesel and gas turbine generator engineers strategically placed throughout the UK.  We also have dedicated electrical technicians on hand to ensure that your building's primary and ancillary switchgear, control panels and interfaced modules remain fully serviceable and in an optimal condition throughout their service life. Coupled with this, our technical services department is available to assist with any enquiry you may have.

  • Our competitive and comprehensive service schedules, coupled with our wealth of experience in the industry, ensures your standby generator remains in its optimal service condition, ready to secure the safe continued operation of your building's critical equipment in the event of a mains power failure.
  • Our routine service and maintenance contracts can help identify issues or potential equipment failure that could otherwise go undetected, thus saving you in advance from costly repairs.
  • Designed to suit every budget and size of generator, our routine service and maintenance contracts are available in 4 levels of cover - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - covering everything from routine service and consumable replacement, to 24 hour a day remote monitoring and 24/7/365 emergency call out facility. We have a friendly customer services team ready to discuss your exact contract requirements. We are happy to tailor any of our service contract options to suit your specific needs, and our rates are highly competitive with absolutely no compromise on quality of equipment or level of service.
  • We supply new generators and all associated equipment and ancillaries from only leading global OEM's. We have retail agreements in place with industry suppliers and stock many component items at our UK Operations Centre, allowing us to minimise delivery lead time and pass on our bulk purchase savings to you!

Inspection and Testing Services

We carry out load bank testing up to 3000 kVA, building load testing, electrical switchgear testing, control panel testing and system upgrades. Our inspecting and testing services are available 7 days a week during normal working hours, or outside normal working hours when your building is empty! We offer one-off non contractual testing and inspection visits at a competitive rate, as well as annual and multi-year contracts that can be written to suit your specific needs.

Generator Emergency Call-Out

We operate a generator emergency call out facility across 97% of the UK. Given the purpose of stand-by generators, we recognise this service is vital for our customers and provide emergency cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your call-out request will be taken by our dedicated on call manager, who will be able to offer you technical assistance over the phone and advise you of our engineer's arrival time at your site. We endeavor to have an engineer on site within 4 hours of receiving a call (to 97% of mainland UK - certain areas excluded).

Replacement Hire Sets

Should your generator fail, day or night, and immediate repair not be possible, we are able to offer a stand-by hire generator to ensure your building regains cover as soon as possible. This is usually achievable across 90% of the UK within 4 hours of receiving a request, subject to the correct hire package being available at the time of your call.

Get in Touch Today. Whatever your Power & Generation requirement, Powertec is confident we can deliver the ideal solution. Why not call us today on 0118 9409 970, we are here to help.



Powertec Pumps and Fluid Technology is a division of our company set up to provide customers with products and services relating to almost every application within the sphere of fluid transfer technology. Our expertise in this field covers pumps and fluid handling systems across a diverse range of applications, from small fuel and chemical transfer systems, to very large vertical multi-stage borehole pumps, associated system pipework and ancillaries.

Experience and Professionalism

We are proud to have on board with us a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped Powertec earn a truly outstanding reputation in this field. Our installation engineers have worked on all manner of equipment and projects in the fluid solutions industry for a great number of years, from simple valve replacements to the refurbishment of entire water treatment facilities.

We only offer products from leading manufacturers, which goes a long way to ensuring that quality remains paramount. But more than that, every product we recommend is known to us in great technical detail, each meticulously investigated in-house to ensure the operational integrity of each component meets our own strict standards.

Project Management

Project installation and commissioning are two core areas of this division. We offer you complete peace of mind by taking on the project management of your system installation, working to strict deadlines any hour of the day or night, understanding the importance of your program of works and the unwanted consequences of any delay. We have an uncompromised "can do" attitude and pride ourselves on our ability to be proactive and reactive in any given situation to get the job done.

In Safe Hands

Health and Safety within our company is approached as vitally important and each project undertaken has its own Health and Safety coordinator, ensuring that compliance and the safety of our engineers and other personnel remain paramount at all times. Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Method Statements are prepared in advance of the start date and are strictly adhered to throughout the entire project.

Our Fluid Technology team is available now to speak with you and discuss ways in which Powertec can help supply you with the services or products you require. Why not call us today on 0118 940 9970. We will be happy to help!

Control Panels


For every pump and generator, a control panel is required to operate and monitor the equipment.
Depending on application, we can supply and install panels to suit the required task.

Pump or Generator Control Panel Fault? Let Us Solve Your Headache

Faults developing in the control equipment can be tricky to solve and cause costly downtime or even more costly consequences when pumps stop working. Our dedicated panel specialists can test and fault-find on a wide variety of panels and equipment.

Whatever your Control Equipment requirement - from supply and installation to fault-finding on existing equipment - we're very confident we can help. Call us today on 0118 9409 970.

Brochure Downloads

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Powertec provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical services relating to fire protection, fluid handling including water treatment and sewerage, and power generation and UPS. As well as diesel engine repair and remanufacture, we offer full workshop services for all rotating equipment including pumps, motors, fans and valves.

Service Contracts & 24/7/365 Emergency Callout

We have sites in Reading and Manchester, backed up by strategically located Mobile Engineers throughout the UK. We operate a callout service 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year throughout the UK, providing a manned response team to first answer your call with technical assistance and then to assess and advise on the availability of mobile engineers.

Planned preventive maintenance (PPM) saves money by reducing downtime and the likelihood of emergencies. Powertec is a market leader in offering fully inclusive pump care contracts tailored to suit each individual client's operational and budgetary requirements.

From Full Contract Management to Supply Only Sales

We offer coordinated contract management for your turnkey project or installation, from initial site survey, right through to the supply, installation and final commissioning.

Our retail agreements with many of the industry's equipment suppliers also makes Powertec a 'one stop shop' for all systems equipment, components and ancillaries if you require 'supply only'. We have a helpful, dedicated Direct Sales team on hand to help source the items you need.

For details on the various services we offer, visit the dedicated page via the drop down list from the navigation bar. Of course, we are always happy to discuss requirements by phone (0118 940 9970) or fill in the form on our Enquiries page and we'll get in touch.